Porter growing up

puzzledgal said: A HD animal crossing is what I want o.o

I wouldn’t even mind AC spinoffs games like sweet day or puzzle games in general? They got pretty creative with the pokemon franchise and I could totally see them doing it with animal crossing.

I know if they did that i’d be throwing all my money at nintendo tbh.

punchyleaf said: Do you mean like a new game for AC or another file? XD

Another AC game! haha I don’t think I want to handle another account lol

Anonymous said: Are you going to restart again?

nah I’m still working v hard to make melon a cute town I can show off to you guys!

togemiss said: yeah ah I feel you. Like i still play once in a while because I wanna at least finish making my town as pretty as it could be but other than that there's not actually much to do :( there's so many features that i want to see implemented in new ac games that I'm sure will be eventually but man I want 'em now!

Yeah dude! I know I’m being ridiculous by whining about it cuz I know it’s only been a little over a year but I want something new too. I’ll throw a tantrum like I toddler but I don’t expect anything for a few years.

EDIT: Btw me being bored with the game isn’t meant to reflect any disappointment towards the game. I love it to bits but it feels like I’ve done and seen everything that there is to see and do and now I’m just bored.

I just got alot of defensive/passive aggressive messages and I know ya’ll get crazy when someone criticizes your favorite game so I thought I’d address it. I feel ya’ll !!!

Anonymous said: why it's only been a year

cuz im already bored

I need a new animal crossing game 

Anonymous said: Do you visit other people's dream towns when they ask you to?

I’ve never done it before but I would really love to!!