I reseted my town and i don't get one thing. I tried to name my character Tsukasa and they say it inappropriate...Why is it?


I would bet good money that part of it or all of it translates to something innapropriate in another language.

my new neighbors are so cute

my new neighbors are so cute

Do you think you could maybe you could draw whatever you want because you have a really cute art style and I just like seeing your art on my dash uwu


If I was allowed to do that I’d be drawing a ton of trash lmao Izzy keeps me in check!!!

Ouch don't you think that was a little harsh I know everyone has super busy lives idk I just feel bad. They weren't trying to be hurtful they just really admire your art :/



that post wasnt for me so its not really my buisiness but tbh i get these kinda asks all the time so its irritating even just thinking about them

lemme break it down and highlight the parts of this ask that were problematic

loz-after-war asked:

Do you think you could draw my villagers Maybe? You really have amazing talent. If you do consider this my Villagers are Anicotti, Puck, Curt, Daisy, Agent S, Lyman, Nibbles, Biskit and FritaJust maybe? I’ve seen tons of people draw they’re villagers and I could never draw mine.

ok the underline part, there are SO SO MANY villagers here i dont think i have even drawn every single villager in my own town. I really cant think of any reason why an artist would dedicate time to draw 10 villagers. time it takes on average for me to draw one viillage is like at least 15 minutes, maybe in a messy style, so imagine someone who paints or like does really clean lineart, 10 x 15  thats like 150 minutes thats more than an hours worth of time. compiling them„ putting it all together in a aesthetically pleasing way takes time as well?? its really alot of work and to just assume its easy is really uncaring. i get that people who dont draw dont really understand what its like but cmon is it so hard to imagine that this is a tough request?

a while back someone wanted to commission me to draw their pokemon team and their trainer, i asked for 2$ a pokemon + 5$ for the trainer do you understand how cheap that is and considering the time and effort it takes to draw so many different things thats realling robbing my of time and money i was practically doing it for free. 

the bolded part are problematic vocabulary asking maybe twice is like pleading or begging. children use this tactic to get their parents to buy them stuff at the store. youre trying to get the person to feel bad for you and do it. this is taking advantage of others and actually really manipulative. 

and finally the last part, I could never draw mine. this is completely false. everyone can draw and i believe that. i really do. i believe everyone has natural talent, but also theres something called persistence. even if u have never even drawn a circle b4 u can easily draw anything with the help of some tutorials, practice and guidance. i started out drawing so so so bad really it was terrible. i still dont think my art is amazing but to get to the point i just practiced. dont ever put yourself down like that,  you CAN do it you CAN draw your villagers or watever. with the new digital age drawing is more accessible than ever. go out there and TRY. if you really want it to be done by someone else, commission them, dont beg, plead, or grovel for a free request. 

im not saying this person is at fault, but i really just cant stand the way their phrased it. also thats not even an artist blog?? thats just a blog that reblogs art so they need to check sources for carefully !

What are you going to name your new mayor, and do you have a certain theme for your town in mind? :3


My new mayor is named Nana and I haven’t really decided on a theme or if there’s even going to be one. 

Idk but I’m still trying to get my freaking permit cries

Getting your town development permit is wayyy more annoying than doing those few jobs for nook in the previous games.

How old are you?


im a big kid

My visit to Donut



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Um when you have free time could you draw my fav villager Kidd?